If you have a LG Smart TV :

– Remember to update the WebOs system on your TV.

At the level of Smart iptv application settings “Settings” , change the setting “Stream player type” and change it on nc auto and restart the TV .

Please visit the Smart iptv application site for more details (website in English): http://siptv.eu/howto/

If the Smart IPTV application crashes and you notice repetitive interruptions, please turn off the TV and unplug the power cable (electricity) for about 30 seconds and then restart the application again (do not worry because your playlist does not will not be erased, it will just clear the cache of your TV and reset the application for it to work again.

Smart TV Samsung :

Do you have cuts, latencies, very slow channel loading, slow response when you swap or try to go back to groups or zap between channels?

In this case, try to remove the cache of your Tvs, the TV does not have as much memory as an Android box.

To remove the cache of your TV :

For Samsung F series : https://www.samsung.com/in/support/skp/htg/10840#none

If you have another version of Samsung, unplug the power cable from the TV for at least 30 seconds to make a Hard Reset as well to clear the temporary cache of the TV and remember to reboot your router or internet box also .

Also change the Buffer time option to “0” or “auto” from the Smart iptv application settings. so you do not use memory .

For best results, use the Ethernet cable instead of Wifi to connect your TV to the internet.